All online contributions are credited to unrestricted membership giving, allowing OPI to provide additional scholarships. Call 806-655-2528 or email if you would like to designate a specific fund for your gift.

Donors are the backbone of Opportunity Plan, Inc. All the money available to provide for student aid comes from individuals or organizations who have worked to raise those funds for the purpose of assisting students in achieving their educational goals.

Loan funds are held for the purpose of providing dollars to students on an interest-free basis while the student is pursuing their education. Once the student graduates, interest begins accruing, and the student begins making payments. As the money is repaid, the capital is deposited back to the fund to be loaned again to another student. Interest paid on student loans helps to support OPI’s operating funds.

OPI administers two types of scholarship funds. Endowed funds must reach a threshold of $5000 within three years of establishment. Upon reaching the threshold, donations will be invested and proceeds of the fund may be awarded. OPI will allow fund custodians to award more than the annual proceeds, but the difference must be made up by additional donations so the balance of the fund does not go below $5000.

Pass through funds will not be invested but are provided by the donor on an annual basis for awarding. The OPI staff insures that the student is enrolled in courses and maintaining criteria for the scholarship before disbursing funds.